Call for Submissions
We seek academic articles which investigate the intersection of Wikipedia and a higher education. Topics can include:
How is the practice of teaching and learning affected by Wikipedia? What are the best practices of teaching and learning with Wikipedia? How have students' lives been impacted by classroom practices involving Wikipedia? How has Wikipedia integration into other educational settings changed their impact? What skills or components constitute digital literacy in using Wikipedia?
What counts as knowledge? Who decides? What is the relationship between knowledge produced by experts and knowledge produced on Wikipedia? How does access to knowledge affect its value?
Production of Knowledge on Wikipedia
How does the operation of Wikipedia impact human understanding? How do Wikipedia's systems of governance impact the creation of knowledge? What do Wikipedia and other Wikimedia sites contribute to our collective digital record and heritage? How does Wikipedia operate as a starting point for research and discovery?  How and why are Wikipedia‚Äôs volunteers engaged to contribute?
How does bias affect knowledge production? How does information produced on Wikipedia reflect or perpetuate existing biases in knowledge? How can Wikipedia become less biased, both in its content and its contributor base?
How does the mission of Wikipedia to make freely accessible the sum of all human knowledge affect the missions of institutions of higher education? How does the success of Wikipedia in providing public access to knowledge affect the role and mission of academic disciplines, knowledge professionals, and educational institutions ?
How reliable is knowledge produced on Wikipedia, and how would we know?
As an interdisciplinary journal, we recognize that submissions will come from scholars and knowledge professionals in many fields and a global range of perspectives. Our review process will therefore attempt to accommodate a wide variety of disciplines by placing the article for review before scholars in the same, or related, fields. Rather than produce original knowledge strictly for the field of the author only, articles should address the impact of the ideas submitted within the article for that field, Wikipedia, and higher education generally, while adhering to the rules of knowledge production from the author's field. Submissions will be in English, but we welcome research on Wikimedia projects in other language contexts.
We publish articles of original peer-reviewed scholarship, plus reviews, roughly every 12 months. When submissions and editorial capability are sufficient, we will publish more frequently with the eventual aim of publishing quarterly. Articles will be initially indexed through Google Scholar.
Wiki Studies has been established to serve as an open-access, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal devoted to research and scholarship on the social production of knowledge in the digital age. It takes Wikipedia to be the paradigmatic instance of this production, but will also provide a forum for related studies of the open and public assembling of data, information, and knowledge, whether in the present or the past, and investigate the interrelationships and mutual existence of publicly produced information and higher education. Wiki Studies will not charge for submission and publication, and will offer open access for readers.
Guidelines for submissions
All submissions should follow the current version of American Psychological Association rules for citation. We seek original submissions of less than 10,000 words for new articles; reviews will be solicited on an individual basis. We engage in a double-blind scholarly peer-review system under the supervision of the Founding Editor. All publications will be made under CC-BY licensing. All submissions must be written in English. Wiki Studies, and this site, will be published via the Open Journal Systems platform.
Founding Editor
Robert E. Cummings
Executive Director of Academic Innovation and Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric
University of Mississippi
Frances Di Lauro
Lecturer, Director of the Writing Hub
University of Sydney
System Administrator
Chad Russell
Instructor and ePortfolio Coordinator, Writing and Rhetoric
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